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The Penninghame Process: Step 2

We offer a follow up ‘Step 2’ course if you have completed our Step 1 course. Step 2 invites you to deepen your journey and includes a working understanding of the four core values for living well. It is a full programme to take you to a deeper level of awareness and heartfullness and gives you valuable practical steps to take you back out of suffering and into presence.

The course fee is £1595 with reduced fees available for people with limited finances. Please speak to Lynn about this.

2017 dates:

Saturday 20 – Friday 26 May



My Step 2 Process in March 2015 was incredibly powerful for me, I had many learnings and insights during the week, one of the most profound was surrounding my relationship to money.

I had hit a wall with my business, where I couldn’t seem to earn more than my Dad did in his best financial year. I had also really bought into recession thinking and was struggling to get my business out of the low we had experienced for a number of years. Ray took me through a powerful constellation, which showed that I had a good relationship with money BUT was taking my time earning very good money and I just needed to get on with it.

We then explored what my unconscious beliefs around this were. So to the outside world, I had a fantastic career in London in my twenties, before setting up my own successful PR agency 8 years ago. I own the business in its entirety and I am and have been a good role model for other young females thinking of setting up in business.

What I didn’t realise was I had an unconscious belief that had been holding me back – to my surprise the unconscious belief that came up was that men are the bread winners!!!

Externally everything I have achieved in life and set up does not buy into that on a conscious level at all, but unconsciously there it was!! I grew up in a traditional family unit, with Dad being the breadwinner and mum staying at home raising the family and looking after the home.

Now I have identified this unconscious belief and dissolved it, my business has gone from strength to strength and already in six months, we have made more profit than the whole of the last financial year. I hadn’t realised before this just how powerful an unconscious belief could be and how this was holding myself and my business back. Thank-you to Ray and the team for supporting me through another profound journey, I look forward to Step 3.

– Nichola

As a newly appointed Non-Executive Director, I had to leave the Step 2 course on the Monday to attend an important meeting which I was chairing. Before attending the course, I would usually sidle nervously into the meeting room, my heart galloping, thoughts flapping and snapping like washing on a windy day and my body hot and tight, braced for the inevitable tap on the shoulder to come, which would finally expose me as not belonging, not worthy, not as good as the others sat around the table and definitely not meant to be there.

This time, I came prepared – a picture of the vision for my inner being on my phone acted as a shield, and with four trusted allies, equal dignity, personal responsibility, personal integrity and authenticity, I walked into the sea of serious faces and secured my anchor of presence with self-compassion and conviction. I relaxed, opened my heart and began the meeting. Halfway through, I heard myself making a joke, then to my delight and surprise heard people laughing . . . When I looked around at the faces, I saw acceptance, enjoyment and connection. At one point, I was challenged about something. Usually my response would have been to flounder, justify, protect. This time, I calmly glanced down at my phone, re-read my vision, and looked back up with the gaze of equal dignity and acknowledged his challenge. It felt ok, no need to do anything. After the meeting ended, members streamed up to me to tell me how much they had enjoyed the meeting, how relaxed they had felt, how much they had enjoyed my humour and how energised they had been about the depth of the discussions. It was then that I got it. I had been myself, and that is exactly what I had invested so much time, energy and thoughts in not being. It was as if the Universe held up a sign reading ‘at last!’

– Gill

Step 1 was about resolving the past but Step 2 has given some real grounding for the future. A way of proceeding forward in joy. I am eternally grateful for the huge generosity of all the team at Penninghame who devote so much time in the pursuit of others happiness and really transform people’s lives. They have so much to be proud of and I would love to be a part of this caring committed and compassionate team.

– Amanda

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I won't tell you about the process because that is for you to experience with your own eyes and heart.
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